planning for best of life care: comfort healing MODALITIES 

You may be seeking answers for questions you didn't expect to be asking.
You might not be sure about how your loved-one is feeling as they embark on their final days.

No matter why it is you've come here to this place, I can help.


I offer a broad range of services to meet you and your family's needs. Below are detailed descriptions of each service that I offer, but welcome you to reach out to me so that I can hear about your individual situation. Everyone has different needs and are in different stages of this process. I want to be able to speak directly to you and be there for you during this time of need.


End-of-Life Doula

Death is a right of passage that brings a series of emotional stages experienced by the dying and their family, wherein the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. A Doula to the dying, "Midwife to the Soul," is someone who accompanyies others through the dying process.  The Doula is committed to following a patient in all stages and with planning, coaching and compassion the infinity of the soul becomes our basic foundation. 

  • Have you contemplated the possibility of your own death?  We may achieve our own inner peace by facing and accepting the reality of our own death.
  • How do I want to die?  In peace, celebration, grace-filled and with a Sacred Passage Doula's support..
  • How do we exist in relationship with death and dying? We may be afraid of death because we don't know who we are.
  • Are you ready to acknowledge the mystery and miracle of death? Be initiated into the mystery of death and learn to understand and live in the energetics of this dynamic. 
  • Are you ready to live while dying? By starting with the end in mind the Doula will help you work with your inner GPS.

 end-of-life planning

People know that they are dying, they still have needs, important messages and  permission to die. Many need validation or information about what the dying will be like. They attempt to share this information by using symbolic language to indicate preparation for a journey or change soon to happen. As a steward of conscious deaths there is an increase in beauty, pleasure, contentment and emotional and spiritual support. "No One Dies Alone"

  • The Vigil Plan
  • Vision Map for Best of Life Care


Death vigils provide the support and physical presence that patients and families need. The needs and desires of the dying patients and their loved ones differ so Melinda will tailor her approach to fit the individual families unique wants and needs.

  • The Vigil Plan
  • Vision Map for Best of Life Care

Benefits of the vigil process:

  • Being a calm presence
  • Talking and Listening
  • Shared silence
  • Healing Touch techniques for relaxation
  • Requested rituals
  • Inspirational music
  • Lighting candles


Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hand in a  heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Healing Touch is a collaborative energy therapy which can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies. Taking a Healing Touch class is a personal adventure into your heart and soul! It invites you to explore who you are, what you believe and what you can actually do with your hands to facilitate a healing response in others.

  • Healing Touch Level 1 Classes
  • Healing Touch Level 2 Classes
  • Healing Touch Level 3 Classes
  • Presentations

Healing Touch Session

Energy medicine is a type of complementary, hands-on-healing where the practitioner utilized energy flow to create and support healing. The goal or intention of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system. The benefits can reduce pain, anxiety, stress, support during chemotherapy and surgery and can ease the dying process.

Local and Long distance sessions

Local sessions can be received in your home or in Melinda's home office. The first session is an hour and 1/2 and an hour for subsequent sessions. The session includes a full intake, energetic assessment and hands on treatment. With the dying patients this can be performed with hands of the body.  

Long Distant sessions s supported by the studies of prayer, distance healing and quantum physics. In some healing literature it may be referred to as 'non local' healing. A long distant session is followed up by a written report.

Benefits of a Healing Touch Session:

  • Reduces anxiety, tension and stress
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Supports individual and families through the dying process
  • Supports individuals and families through chronic illness
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Enhances sense of spiritual connection

SACRED EXPERIENCE! MIRACULOUS! PIVOTAL! Re-patterning my HARA set free what years of therapy couldn’t! The medicine I needed, and therapy couldn’t give, was to experientially know and feel deeply inside the unconditional love of the Divine. Through the energy work of a gifted, heart-centered Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Melinda Chichester, I am set free to realize my worth and genuinely love myself and others. Love always heals!
— Jennifer A, 2015